Welcome to RVHeadlights.org!  As it develops, this site will be home to a database of motorhome makes and models and headlight replacements and upgrades for them.

It’s just getting started, but if you don’t see your RV listed here, let me know!  If you can, send in a photo or two of the lights at the front and back of your motorhome, along with either a close-up of any part numbers or markings on the lens or a written description of them.  Make sure to include the year, make, and model of your rig, and send them to [email protected].

I’ll take it from there, first finding the original manufacturer of the lights on the motorhome.  I’ll identify what car/truck they’re sourced from (if any), and if the RV used non-OE sourced housings, we’ll point you to the original equipment (OE) part shared with the car/truck (e.g. Ford, GM, Chrysler, Lexus, etc.).  Where available, we’ll also point out options for proper upgrades to discharge (HID/xenon) or LED lighting, or where clear-lens housings can be found if you’re up for the challenge of building up a set of lights yourself.  I’ll also put together links and instructions for converting to LED brake/turn signal housings where quality assemblies are available.

Click here to see if your motorhome is already listed.  Eventually, I want to have a page for each model, with pictures of a motorhome and feedback/installation notes.

Your help and feedback are greatly appreciated!


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